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Why your business needs its own email-address

10/10/2013 10:09:08
Using a personalized email address gives your company credibility and is one of the first steps towards creating a professional E-image.

Another good reason for using professional e-mail addresses is to give your business more flexibility. If you use your own domain name you can create a main contact for each department of your company. For example, support@YourCompany.com for customer support or sales@YourCompany.com for sales inquiries. This gives more clarity to customers and makes the delivery to the right contacts easier and you can identify customer requests faster and respond to them more efficiently.

You can also adjust the number of email addresses to the number of employees and add or delete them depending on the development of your business. 

Using an e-mail address for your company name makes it easier for customers to remember your name, especially because an average customers is flooded with tons of e-mails. Your message more apparent than addresses that end with @hotmail.com or @gmail.com. FJohnson@YourCompany.com sounds more reliable than fJoe59@gmail.com

Customers and providers increasingly consider these free addresses as spam senders, some companies even block e-mails that are originate from these free accounts.

If you would like to avoid this and have a trustworthy image with your customers, you know what to do. WebSelf customers can manage their e-mails account directly from their Extranet if thisis not already the case.

Do you need more email-accounts?
Then it is best to subscribe to a different plan. Each plan comes with a different number of email address: Essential comes with 5 addresses, Enterprise gives you 10 adresses and E-Shop gives you up to 20 adresses.
Posted by Matthieu •   Add a comment  6768 Comments

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